Migration Strategy as a Service: 6-Wk Assessment

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Reports & Dashboards Rationalization as a Service

Redefining cloud adoption, powered by metadata and cognitive capabilities.

Across industry verticals, organizations are going through transformation to re-align themselves to the challenges of digital world. In this journey, enterprises are looking for flexible, scalable and reliable environment to operate their IT eco system to gear up the demands of emerging business compulsions. Data & analytics area is not an exception to this imperative, as the revolution is picking up speed in a scale never imagined before. Customers preferring to move away from legacy reporting technologies and/or migrate their existing information delivery platform to a cost effective proposition. This metamorphosis could either be part of cloud migration or part of enterprise wide realignment or combination of both.

Movement from an existing information delivery platform to another bring intrinsic requirements. The prescription has to have endurance to support following a. Optimize the reports/dashboards to reduce cost of migration b. Help retain business KPI orchestration’ integrity and functionality, while rationalizing them.

InfoWise® is a Tech Mahindra’s AI augmented solution to discover aged and duplicate assets across multiple reporting technologies and to recommend strategy for optimization.


  1. Exhaustive analysis of reports/dashboards inventory
  2. Analysis of aged, duplicate reports/dashboards
  3. Consumption analysis
  4. Workflow based assets optimization to facilitate steward/human intervention
  5. Capture of data movement/mapping for reports/dashboards. This is aimed at accelerating re-engineering of assets in reporting technology


  1. Keeps OpEx under constant check
  2. Reduce TCO of reports/dashboards modernization – minimally by 35%


  1. Duplicate analysis of reporting platform (3-week)
  2. Aging analysis of reporting platform (2-week)
  3. Optimization recommendation (1-week)

Cost is estimated depending on client needs.