Oracle Database Migration to PostgreSQL on Azure: 6Wk Implementation

Tech Mahindra Limited

Migration of Oracle databases to PostgreSQL on Azure using Azure Native pathways or EPAS on Azure

Rated as ‘Leader’ by leading analysts in the Cloud space, Tech Mahindra has successfully implemented large scale Azure transformational deals using our Agile-based Migration Delivery Methodology resulting in 3X faster business adoption.

Tech Mahindra helps in migration of Oracle databases to PostgreSQL on Azure environment using Azure Native pathways or Alternate pathways with EPAS (EDB Postgres Advanced Server) on Azure Cloud.

Customer’s challenges with Oracle at on-prem:

  1. High Licensing cost.
  2. Depends heavily on built-in authentication system.
  3. Not open source. The developers can not directly access any Oracle component simply by including the header file in their project.
  4. Need additional efforts for rolling out updates, upgrades, security patches, monitoring, troubleshoot and manage at scale.

Why Oracle to PostgreSQL on Azure

  1. PostgreSQL is highly compatible with Oracle with reduced Migration effort/cost and risks.
    • Oracle database objects like SP, Queries, datatypes, packages, sequence etc. migrate to PostgreSQL with no code/ little Changes.
    • Migration cost not costlier than upgrading from one major version of oracle to the next major version of oracle.
  2. Manage Community Version
    • Automatic Updates,
    • Automatic security fixes
    • Automatic new feature updates
  3. Migration of Oracle to Azure database for PostgreSQL reduces overall cost of ownership by up to 95% in savings* Configuration is based on a 4 socket, 32 core x86 possessor Oracle Cloud Service editions are based on virtual machines.

PostgreSQL Migration Pathways on Azure

  1. Azure Native PostgreSQL (IaaS or PaaS)
    • Built on open-source PostgreSQL.
    • Lacks support for many Oracle-compatible features, e.g., Pro*C, Bulk Data Loader, PL/SQL Debugger etc.
    • Difficult for Oracle Developers/DBAs to adopt.
    • Limited Security features.
    • Self-supported database. No vendor technical support available.
  2. EDB Postgres Advanced Server on Azure Cloud (Self-managed or Fully Managed)
    • Built on open-source PostgreSQL, but enhanced with addition of many enterprise-class features and tools.
    • All these and most other Oracle compatible features are supported.
    • Easy for Oracle Developers/DBAs to adopt since it understands and executes Oracle’s PL/SQL commands natively without performance issues and without difficult-to-debug emulation.
    • Many enhanced Security features, e.g., Row Level Security, SQL injection protection, Data Redaction/Dynamic Data Masking etc.
    • 24/7 Technical Support is available for the database.

What Tech Mahindra Offer

  • Our portfolio of services incudes C-A-D-I-M-S
  • Consulting / Strategy / Advisory
  • Database Assessment, Design
  • Deployment & Configuration
  • Database Migration & Data Modernization
  • Managed Services