Visualization as a Service; 6Wk of Implementation

Tech Mahindra Limited

visualisation as a service framework is a one-stop solution for all BI and analytics requirements, including self-service analytics, NLQ/NLP query, dashboard templates, and narrative,

In the current scenario, organizations have access not only to an abundance of data but rather to an abundance of good-quality data. However, they still face challenges in garnering insights to drive their business decisions.

Tech Mahindra’s Data Visualization as a Service offering enables an enterprise to process large volumes of data in comprehensible and engaging forms, facilitating data and insight-driven decision-making.

Visualization as a Service (VaaS) framework refers to creating a unified schematic model on Azure Data Platform (Data Lake + Synapse analytics), combining different data silos by bringing in Azure data containers.

VaaS also offers industry-specific pre-defined dashboard templates for self-service analytics.

Using the VaaS framework, the time to create a dashboards/analytics layer reduces significantly (around 40%) as the unified schematic layer has all required KPIs and dashboard templates.

Business Challenges:

  • Lack of dashboard templates:
    Everything needs to begin from scratch which involves a long time and high costs

  • Uncontrollable environment:
    With multiple visualizations tools/platforms

  • Lack of user-understandable information:
    Multiple users create their version of data resulting in a loss of information

  • Formatting Issues:
    Working on the latest BI tools requires expertise to harvest its full potential

  • Unsure of the right KPIs:
    Due to multiple LOBs operating in silos

  • Lack of knowledge on Lineage, dataset & relation:
    The relationship between the datasets and calculations for a KPI may not be available to the users

  • Security and Compliance:
    Users are not aware of the compliance requirements and often create their versions, surpassing many security protocols

  • Poor performance with huge:
    With a large data volume and complex calculations

Tech Mahindra's Value Addition

    Consumption-ready dashboard with standard KPIs; Template-based module to pick and choose based on the reporting needs (Manufacturing, Retail, etc.)

    Report rationalization framework to ease the effort and reduce the time; Customer BI tools evaluation framework to ensure the right enterprise tool for your organization.

    Accelerated development and ready-to-consume insights result in dollar savings; Complete automation of implementation tasks with minimal manual intervention

    Machine learning / embedded advanced analytics capabilities; Attractive, engaging, custom built advanced presentable visualizations to suit the need for storytelling

    Huge repository of industry specific KPIs; Ready to use dashboard templates, pre-developed semantic model, Mock wireframes for various modules across domains through demo dashboards.