Elevate for Azure: 2 Hours Briefing


Elevate is a national associate-level consulting program helping clients scale the future of their Azure workforce through our unique onboarding mechanism.

Brooksource offers a unique workforce transformation solution to evolve your Azure workforce. Our program is designed to upskill talent and build sustainable workforce pipelines that you can use to help with the following: implementations, migrations, application development in the cloud, and maintenance/support of your Azure environment.

Customers invest in our program to address Azure skill gaps, infuse diversity, and create seamless success plans. We pipeline with a purpose, giving organizations access to strategic talent pools with an interest in long term Azure focused specializations.

  • Emerging - University and bootcamp graduates through local and national partnerships
  • Diverse - Diverse talent pools, developed through purposeful community engagement
  • Veteran - US Military Veterans through Project Patriot, our Veteran advocacy program
  • Reskilled - Active professionals trained to modernize adjacent skill sets for impactful career transitions

Elevate Benefits:

  • Addressing Skill Gaps - Build in-house talent in niche and emerging technologies
  • Infuse Diversity - Leverage diverse talent pools to build adaptive teams
  • Workforce Management - Seamless succession planning and knowledge transfer
  • Insourcing - Alternative to outsourcing and integration partnerships to build internal bench strength
  • Reduce Costs - Elevate resources cost 56% less than an associate resource from a systems integrator
  • Complement Internal Programs - Complement internal diversity, Veteran, and early-in-career hiring initiatives, as well as reskilling efforts

Elevate Metrics:

  • 91% convert to FTE or complete assigned contracts
  • 54.5% represent racial or gender diversity
  • 84% productivity at nine months compared to a mid-level employee

Briefing Details: -Program Overview -Assessment of current and future state of Azure environment -How other customers have leveraged this solution -Creation of customizable training and resourcing plan -Additional workforce recommendations