Azure Governance Review: 4 Hour Assessment

TechStar Consulting Inc

Learn the principals of a governance plan to apply to your Azure subscription! At the completion of this engagement you will have a high level plan to utilize Azure governance controls.

There are many reasons why it is important to apply good governance to your Azure servers. Misconfigured equipment can cost you more in the long run in terms of money, time, and effort. With a properly designed governance plan, there are no higher costs from machines left running when not needed - No more complicated reports from mislabeled resources. No more hidden compliance issues that can damage your corporate reputation and drive costly fines.

TechStar is offering to work with Azure customers to provide a free four-hour assessment of their cloud environment.  We will:

• Suggest cost reduction steps, including automation, reserved instances, spot pricing, and Azure Hybrid pricing where appropriate. 

• Help align your organization into more efficient hierarchies using Azure Management Groups.

• Work to identify and appropriately tag resources for better reporting and metadata sorting for management and billing.

• Review your Role-Based Access Controls and Policies used to improve security usage and compliance.

• Help instill resource locks on high-value resources that drive a big impact.• Look at disaster recovery options.

• Customize the Azure portal for better reporting.

This assessment will help us to understand your business and your objectives better and align Azure usage toward your corporate goals.  This assessment is the first step toward a complete solution, which includes a formal design and implementation project.