Sap on Azure Pre Assessment - 1wk

Techwave consulting India Pvt Ltd

SAP Pre-Assessment of your current SAP setup, any issues you're having, and where you want to take your platform and what you want it to achieve.

We'll have technical discussions with your team to learn about your current SAP setup, any issues you're having, where you want to take your platform, and what you want it to achieve. We can assist you if you provide a current SAP Early Watch report of your SAP systems and complete a few questions on the Techwave Questionnaire. Technical Discovery and Readiness (1-day workshop) The goal of this workshop is to gain a deeper understanding of what success looks like for your organization. Using this insight, we can develop SAP on Azure recommendations that are more agile, cost-effective, and responsive. Using our best practise pillars, we will be able to develop recommendations for standardization, rationalization, modernization, and automation that can be implemented immediately. simplified and digestible stages of your digital transformation. Pre-Assessment: This service will help customers to define their readiness to move to the cloud, the sequencing of the migration and the plan of how to do it.

Day#1-3: Run the Azure Migrate and collect Infra and App inventory Day#4-5: Analyze MAP and Azure Migrate output and propose to high level SAP migration strategy Deliverable: Full proposal that covers actual asessmen and migraiton approach.

  1. Establish a From-To Statement to guide our discussions. 2. Analysis of current SAP Systems. 3. Analysis of current SAP customer experience. 4. Solution Design- Reference Architecture vs Lean Design. 5. Service design- migration and managed services.

Recommendations - (Half-day session approx 3-4 hours) The Discovery Assessment output will provide you with a well-informed and well-founded recommendation report to kick-start the next step on your journey.

Deliverables include 1. Recommended solution design​2. Recommended service design​3. New world customer experience overview​ 4. TCO & ROI analysis​