Azure Well Architected self assessment - 1Day

Techwave consulting India Pvt Ltd

The goal of our well architected framework is to help our customers understand how we can identify and eliminate high-risk issues and implement best practices

Techwave Azure Well-Architected Framework is a customized and tailored set of lessons designed to improve the architecture and quality of workloads running in the Cloud. It's a self-assessment framework, The Azure Capability Assessment Framework is a useful tool to provide a clear path to help you assess your existing Azure setup/environment in five different areas like security, reliability, cost optimization, operational excellence, performance efficiency, and guide you in achieving maturity and cloud outcomes of your cloud transformation.Once the self assesement report is ready we can identify ways for companies to optimize their existing cloud investments, allowing them to fine-tune their business ecosystems and to ensure that their operations are always secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient. Typically, the review takes a few hours and involves some self-assessment and discussion with key stakeholders. Upon completion, we will present a report that details any recommended actions. We will then offer you up to a week/two of our time to implement our recommendations The assessment includes:

Day 1: Techwave will give you an overview of the tool and provide access to the Azure Well-Architected self-assessment tool to fill in the questionnaire. A self-assessment report will be generated upon answering all questions successfully. This report will highlight the gaps if any, in each capability area (security, reliability, cost optimization, operational excellence, and performance efficiency)