AI Discovery : 3 Hour Virtual Workshop

TEKenable Ltd

Our Artificial Intelligence Accelerator is designed to help organisations apply the latest technology developments to solving their real time business challenges, supported by our experienced team.

The rapidly changing technology landscape of artificial intelligence including machine learning and robotic process automation, are quickly automating a lot of our everyday tasks, making our jobs not only easier, but smarter and more productive as well. The reality is that the Artificial Intelligence revolution is here to stay and will impact almost every aspect of business and our personal lives. The future of work is the “Augmented Workforce”, but this has to be implemented with attention to ethics and an understanding of technology limitations!

Join us for a three hour discovery workshop if you want help to assess how Microsoft AI services can be used to help your business. Whether you want to gain insights from your data using Microsoft AI Analytics, use Natural Language Bots to help reduce call center volumes, automate mundane tasks, predict outcomes, recommend products or increase efficiency by using or adding Microsoft Copilot features to your company’s digital products, we are here to advise, guide and if you want us to, implement Microsoft Azure AI solutions for you. We can accelerate and de-risk your AI journey.

The Discovery Workshop will include an overview of Microsoft Azure AI capabilities and some real life examples of ways in which the technology can be used in your organisation. We will brainstorm your top challenges and identify ways in which Microsoft AI technologies can help overcome these.