AI Discovery Chat with your Data : 3 Hour Virtual Workshop

TEKenable Ltd

Our AI Discovery workshop is designed to help organisations intelligently query their unstructured data to better train employees and serve customers

The rapidly changing technology landscape of artificial intelligence including machine learning and robotic process automation, are quickly automating a lot of our everyday tasks, making our jobs not only easier, but smarter and more productive as well. The reality is that the Artificial Intelligence revolution is here to stay and will impact almost every aspect of business and our personal lives. The future of work is the “Augmented Workforce”, but this has to be implemented with attention to ethics and an understanding of technology limitations!

All companies have data held in databases such as ERP, CRM and Finance applications. However, while this data is essential, the vast majority of institutional knowledge is locked up in documents and other types of unstructured data. Every research report, sales proposal, strategy, product or project document contains valuable institutional knowledge that is progressively lost from your organisation as people leave and is very hard/nearly impossible for new joiners to acquire.

The ability to search for documents is not sufficient to unlock that knowledge. The full potential can only be unlocked by using AI to understand your documents and combine content from them intelligently in response to questions. Imagine being able to ask questions such as “Please summarise the key benefits of product X versus product Y for a potential IT buyer?”, or “What is our stance on ESG in developing markets?”, “What projects have we delivered for Acme Inc and what were the key selling points for them?”. This is what we call “Chat with your documents”.

We can offer this capability in two different forms: one for internal use, to support your staff with their day-to-day tasks; and one that is externally facing, to help your customers better understand your products, for example. Based on Azure OpenAI, we provide you with a private, secure and GDPR compliant instance of OpenAI and configure it to enable you to Chat with your Documents with due regard to user permissions, so nobody sees something they should not have access to.

Join us for a three hour discovery workshop if you want help in assessing how Microsoft AI services can be used to unlock the value of your unstructured data. Whether you want to accelerate the effectiveness of your new employees, mitigate the risk of staff turnover, or better service your customers, our expert team will advise, guide and if you want us to, implement Microsoft Azure AI solutions for you. We can accelerate and de-risk your AI journey.