ESG Data Maturity Assessment

TEKenable Ltd

Our ESG Data Maturity Assessment is designed to help organisations to assess their data management and governance policies against their ESG reporting requirements

Unlocking the potential of ESG requires comprehensive data environmental, social, and governance factors. However, this data is often scattered across multiple systems, hindering effective reporting and decision-making. That's where our ESG Data Maturity Assessment comes in.

Assessing your current data availability, usability and reportability is the first step in the journey towards a robust ESG data strategy. Why? You need to understand the present to allow you shape your future ESG strategy. Our team of data and sustainability experts will assess your current ESG data management and governance, identify gaps, and develop a digital roadmap to enable you to collect, measure, & report the essential data that drives sustainable business practices. Our ESG solutions are built on Microsoft technologies, and our recommendations will provide you with a roadmap for using Microsoft Azure as a central repository for your ESG data.

We estimate that this engagement will take 2.5 weeks from kick off to results presentation. We will carry out approximately 5 interviews with key stakeholders, with a specific IT workshop included. Following this phase we will produce a comprehensive report including data maturity ratings per ESG pillar and all relevant subcategories. We will also outline how Microsoft Azure will host your ESG data management architecture, providing the data intelligence you need.