4 week MSFT Azure Platform Migration Assessment

Teklink International, Inc.

TekLink.com is offering a 4-week Microsoft Azure Platform Migration assessment and provide a cost-effective migration roadmap.

TekLink is offering a 4-week Microsoft Azure Platform Migration assessment and to provide a cost-effective migration roadmap.

Our key Solution Features:

  • Unified platform showing your assessment report and migration roadmap
  • Leverages our tool based assessment and proven migration approach
  • Our solution will achieve your security and compliance requirements


  • Assess your organization’s current architecture
  • Identify security and compliance goals
  • Align partners, vendors, and other stakeholders on migration roadmap
  • Provide Cost-effective Migration approach based on business and downtime requirements
  • Provide target landscape on Microsoft Azure with network, sizing, and cost estimates
  • Provide Migration Roadmap and a technical architecture and sizing document for your target landscape meeting security and compliance requirements
  • Identify the templates which can be used for automated migration process

Assumptions Consulting Pricing is provided based on the following assumptions:

  • Up to a 50 server landscape
  • SAP and Microsoft applications
  • Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and HANA databases
  • Virtual machines