Migrate NetSuite Analytics to Azure: 10-Week Impl

Teklink International, Inc.

Future proof your Oracle NetSuite Analytics with TekLink’s Azure Migration Service

TekLink will assist in the blueprinting, migration methodology, and implementation to migrate your existing analytics data from Oracle NetSuite to Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics with the help of third-party ETL tools over a 10-week period.

Weeks 1-2

  • Ensure Microsoft Azure environment set up and security configuration
  • Set-up 3rd party ETL and the connection between Oracle Net Suite and Microsoft Azure
  • Assess and evaluate deployments and map current state to future state
  • Prioritize scope and build a plan that addresses value, impact, and risk
  • Blueprint your new data model and ETL configuration

Weeks 3-6

  • Design and build your data extraction and loading jobs
  • Build business data transformation logic
  • Model business data
  • Connect Microsoft Power BI for your organization to explore selected data sets (TekLink will lead a showcase session)

Weeks 7-10

  • Conduct end-user validation and feedback
  • Continuous iteration and improvement
  • Ensure outputs meet requirements
  • Review implementation to ensure performance and cost optimization on Microsoft Azure
  • Develop plan for long-term operation and next use cases.

End Deliverable: Your Oracle NetSuite ERP analytical data will be available in Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and related data lakes for analytics and reporting with Power BI.


  • Client will provide agreed resources to conduct requirements, testing, and other project deliverables
  • Up to 10 data flows or data sets
  • Client will have a subscription in place before implementation starts
  • 2 environments - Development and Production with a single cut-over
  • Data cleansing and manipulation is a client responsibility

TekLink’s Microsoft Azure and Power BI Consulting Services pricing varies based on requirements, number of applications, and existing maturity with cloud technologies. TekLink’s Cloud and Business Intelligence experts have over 5,000 years of combined experience in designing and building High Performance Cloud Analytic