10 Wk Implementation Azure Cloud (SAP migration)

Teklink International, Inc.

TekLink.com is offering a 10-week implementation for your Modern Cloud Analytics as a change agent for creating Self Service Analytics and Data Consumption from Anywhere.

Modern Cloud Analytics enables your decision makers and employees a cloud-based platform for gathering transactional, IOT and third party data in a central Cloud Data Warehouse with visualization capabilities from Power BI or your tool of choice. Supported by Azure’s robust cyber-security, you can rest assured of running a leading enterprise grade BI platform. Our agile deployment approach along with Microsoft’s scalable and powerful technology enables both a rapid deployment and an affordable self-service analytics platform. TekLink’s Azure and Power BI Consulting Services Pricing varies based on requirements, number of applications, and existing maturity with cloud technologies.

Key Solution Features

  • Robust Analytics PaaS solution
  • Utilize Microsoft Power BI’s data blending capabilities
  • Leverage Microsoft Azure Data Lake for cost-effective data storage
  • Cloud based Infrastructure across Non-Prod and Prod environments
  • Run and support from anywhere with your Azure platform and reduce on-premise footprint
  • Scalable solution for growth and easily de-scaled for drops in data volumes
  • Enable business to use self-service analytics and visualization of the selected data sets
  • Setting up your non-Prod and Prod environments
  • Up to 5 Power BI Reports or Dashboards
  • Data sourcing from up to 2 systems and 10 ETL’s leveraging Azure Data Factory (ADF)
  • Build a foundation for future value-added increments
  • Knowledge transfer session on data models
  • 2-day Power BI training


  • Client will provide agreed resources to conduct requirements, testing, and other project deliverables
  • Assumes Client will have a subscription in place before implementation starts
  • 2 environments Non-Production and Production with a single cut-over
  • Data sources assumed to come from source systems such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce.com, etc. Data cleansing and manipulation is a client responsibility