Teradata Analytics to Azure 10-Week Implementation

Teklink International, Inc.

Future Proof your Teradata Analytics on Azure Synapse Analytics for a Cost Effective Self Service Analytics

Modern Cloud Analytics provides your decision-makers and employees with a cloud-based platform for gathering transactional, IoT, and third-party data in a central Cloud Data Warehouse with visualization capabilities from Microsoft Power BI or your tool of choice. Our agile and proven approach to Teradata migrations along with Microsoft’s scalable and powerful Azure technology enables both a rapid deployment and an affordable self-service analytics platform.

Key Solution Features

TekLink.com offers enterprises an easier way to migrate their existing Teradata applications to Azure Synapse Analytics. Azure Synapse Analytics has the scale and elasticity required to match the demands of enterprise workloads. TekLink will assist in the process, methodology, and implementation to migrate your existing analytical data from Teradata to Azure Synapse Analytics over 10-week period.

Weeks 1-4 • Assess and evaluate deployments and map current state to future state. • Prioritize scope and build a plan that addresses value, impact, and risk. • Migrate work patterns.

Weeks 5-8 • Develop data processing and infrastructure. • Department transformation. • End-user validation and feedback • Continuous iteration and improvement

Weeks 9-10 • Validate service durability and scalability. • Ensure outputs meet requirements. • Expose lessons learned and optimize migration patterns. • Plan for long-term operation and next use cases.

Pricing variability is based on requirements, number of applications, and existing maturity with cloud technologies.

Assumptions • Client will provide agreed resources to conduct requirements, testing, and other project deliverables. • Client will have a subscription in place before implementation starts. • 2 environments – Non-Production and Production with a single cut-over

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