Azure: 1-Day Assessment

Orange Romania Communications S.A.

A commercial assessment of the current infrastructure for migration and services costs associated with the transition to Azure Public Cloud

The overall duration of the offer is custom and will depend on customer's specific needs and current infrastructure environment. For the duration of the assessment, multiple discussions and discovery sessions will take place, that will influence the overall duration and cost of this engagement. The pricing is per day basis.

To remain competitive in today’s market environment, businesses of all sizes in every sector need to digitize. Cloud-based solutions are key to this process, delivering security, flexibility and cost savings. We make digitization simple, adapting IT to suit our customer’s needs –keeping it secure, up-to-date and scalable. We are offering added value professional services for Azure customers.

We help customers evaluate cloud as part of their IT service delivery strategy. Our services enable you to identify which enterprise applications can be moved to the cloud and will also bring to your notice the specific operating models, processes and technologies required to use the cloud technology.

What we offer (scenarios):

  • INITIATE: project kick off, access request platforms configuration, governance mechanism
  • DISCOVER: scan, classify, analyse
  • ASSESS: analyse gathered information based on Migration Evaluation Areas and dimensions, information validation with each stakeholder & operations team
  • RECOMMEND: detail out the gap analysis report, highlight the application & server readiness for migration, recommendation of migration path, finalize assessment report within scope deliverables