Azure landing zone: 5-days workshops

Telia Company

Save time by using our experienced architects and our method for establishing a Governance Framework and Azure Landing zone, all based on Cloud Adoption Framework.

JOURNEY TO THE CLOUD BY FAR – BASED ON CLOUD ADOPTION FRAMEWORK Cygate provides a methodology called FAR which is a governance platform based on Cloud Adoption Framework from Microsoft. With a proven methodology, we guide you through the process of creating a Landing Zone for your existing or future workloads in Azure. This will provide a baseline of best practices, documentation, choice of tools for different stakeholders like: Architects, IT Professionals and decision makers so you as a customer will achieve short and long-term business plans. The methodology consists of a few workshops where Cygate leads and creates the documentation that you then can use to get control of your environment and consumption in Azure. This consulting service will guide you through the process of creating an extensive governance of your existing or future Azure environment.

The workshop normally are 3-4 hours each.

Day 1 - Preparation workshop agenda; -Planning Consensus Workshop -Planning Governance Workshop -Planning Network and Security workshop -Planning Risk Assessment workshop Outcome: Workshops planned

Day 2 - Consensus workshop agenda: -Current Situation, current environment, situation and challenges -Goals, what is the vision? -Gap analysis -Consensus, all agree? Outcome: Gap analysis report

Day 3 - Governance walkthrough agenda: -Cloud Governance model -Financial Governance -Operational Governance -Technical Governance Outcome: Governance documentation

Day 4 - Network and security requirements collection agenda: -Requirements collection -Requirements categorizing Outcome: Requirement report, High level design

Day 5 - Risk Assessment workshop agenda: -Risk collection -Risk assessment -Risk remedies Outcome: Risk report

The base offer includes preparation and consensus workshop that will create a foundation of information for Cygate to be able to estimate the rest of the work needed to be done. Normally, 100 to 300 hours of consulting work