Data Driven Digitalisation Development: 2-Days Workshop

Telia Inmics-Nebula Oy

In this workshop it is identified current status and key focus areas to build practical development plan with prioritized goals and "quick wins”,also utilising PoC approach with Azure & Power Platform

The workshop is built to utilise to identifies data-driven organizational digitalization, automation, and information management development needs and challenges. Simultaneously, utilise perspectives that consist of integrated Hybrid-Cloud services and interoperable IoT / Edge operating environments. Establish a snapshot of the situation with the customer. Supported by these, key development goals and their benefits are prioritized. From these, step-by-step milestones are completed, and practical actions are described to promote this.

There is a technical Azure and Power Platform based PoC environments in the data and IoT / Edge areas to support practical development planning activities. On the basis of PoC setup, production pilot-type projects can be planned, which enable practical workshops and concrete development activities and scalable projects from pilot phases to 100% operational production environments.

This workshop is based on coherent method. It has gradual steps including advance tasks to prepare successful workshop. The actual workshop is based on structural phases to produce practical plans for the next development steps.

Development workshop is based on method with following phases: • Opening meeting .. setting up the targets .. workshop preparations • Workshop sessions .. 2-3 x half day workshops (setup customizable) • Analysis of the workshop results and solution proposal preparations .. after workshop sessions the development plan is prepared by Telia consultants • Presentation of the development proposal .. 1-2 x half day sessions (setup customizable) .. base on workshop method the review of results and development proposals

More detailed information about the workshop method and gradual steps with goals and aimed results can be found from the attached materials: Supporting Documents and Promotional Images.

The key deliverables of this professional service are: • Workshop session(s) • Current customer’s environment status and development areas described • Development roadmap with gradual steps for strategic and operational areas • Utilisation of PoC environment (incl. Azure and Power Platform) • Development plan for PoC project

The key organisational beneficiaries of this service are… • Business: .. business and service owners, process developers, knowledge and data management development • Information management: .. information management, responsible for information systems, responsible for IoT and Edge development, Hybrid-IT and Azure Cloud and Power Platform infrastructures, data area development, Enterprise Architecture