Cloud Insight as a Service - 2-Hr PoC


Cloud Insight as a Service provides you insight in your current cloud security compliancy and cloud cost efficiency

Cloud Insight as a Service Proof of Concept: initial scan and report

The Cloud Insight as a Service Proof of Concept delivers you insight in the current state on the Security Governance and Cost Efficiency of your Microsoft Azure environment. The deliverable is a report that provides you a high-level overview of both the current state and the potential improvement areas of your Azure infrastructure. Additionally, the top 5 findings will be discussed with you together with our expert. The full Cloud Insight as Service is offered in the form of a subscription and provides you with the advices and help on how to achieve the improvements. The Proof of Value is the first step towards Cloud Insight as a Service subscription. The aim of Cloud Insight as a Service subscription is to provide you with peace of mind regarding the security governance and cost efficiency of your cloud. Only when both parties gain value from the collaboration, an actual partnership comes to existence. Therefore, this SLA aims at collectively reaching this goal. Both parties commit themselves to reaching an optimal security compliance and cost efficiency of your cloud environment. The following two targeted criteria define this goal: • Security governance compliancy: at least 90% of all checks executed pass • Cost efficiency: at least 95% of every euro spend on cloud infrastructure is spend efficiently To provide you with a real peace of mind it essential to be able to rely on your cloud environment. Therefore, Cloud Insight as a Service provides you with a guarantee that the target will be met. However, it does not end there, a cloud infrastructure is flexible and dynamic by nature. With Cloud insight as a Service you make sure that throughout the subscription your cloud environment remains at, or preferably above, target.