Secure SAP Transformation to Cloud & Business Insights from your SAP Data for Data Analytics on Microsoft Azure , 4-week funded Proof of Concept

Telstra Limited

Proof of Value to transform SAP to SAP HANA or S/4 HANA on Cloud & gain insights from SAP Data

SAP on-prem? And now want to exit your Data Centre OR not refresh the “end of life” hardware and go through the same ordeal of managing the Data Centre, Hardware, Software Licenses, and the CAPEX, let us at Telstra help you guide through the Secure SAP Transformation to Cloud.

Work with Telstra Cloud and SAP experts to showcase various transformation scenarios for your SAP environment, through a proof of value exercise to achieve higher availability, resilience, or scalability for your SAP environment, SAP process automation and analytics on SAP Data to gain business insights, and get a clear SAP migration roadmap to Microsoft Azure, cut costs, lower CAPEX, and improve SAP environment security and compliance.

• Lift & Shift to Cloud

  • SAP and non-SAP workload migration to Cloud for supported OS & DB
  • Be ready to migrate to HANA or convert to S/4 HANA in the future

• Migrate to Cloud

  • SAP and non-SAP workload migration to Cloud for unsupported OS & DB
  • Be ready to migrate to HANA or convert to S/4 HANA in future

• Migrate to Cloud and partly to HANA

  • SAP and non-SAP workload migration to Cloud
  • SAP DB to HANA migration

• Transform to S/4 HANA and Cloud

  • Transform directly to S/4 HANA
  • Utilize S/4 HANA embedded analytics capability

Achieve the benefits of a well-defined and well-executed SAP Transformation Strategy

  • Reduce operational cost and CAPEX
  • Get benefits of multiple deployment models to fulfil your individual use case
  • Easily and flexibly access stored data for analysis, reporting, or visualization
  • Analyse, change and identify savings through the interactive platform
  • Improve data security with Microsoft Azure Cloud trust certifications and exhaustive industry compliance coverage
  • Reap the benefits of underlying Microsoft Azure Cloud platform reliability and scalability

Leverage various SAP Modernization and Innovation Solutions to “help us help you”

  • SAP and non-SAP IT Estate assessment
  • Cloud and SAP Landscape Design
  • SAP and non-SAP IT migration to Cloud
  • HA/DR/Backup Design and Setup
  • SAP Data Analytics and Reporting
  • SAP Data Democratization
  • SAP Business Process Automation
  • SAP Processes to Microsoft Teams Integration

Choose from the 2 “Funded, Proof of Value” options aligned to your unique business use case, and let us prove the benefits of SAP Transformation to you

• Option 1 – SAP Discovery and Assessment

  • SAP and non-SAP IT Landscape System Scan
  • SAP Data Analysis
  • SAP on Cloud right sizing and pricing estimates

• Option 2 – SAP Landscape Setup

  • Fully functional SAP landscape with BCP and HA/DR Setup
  • Failover and Failback drill