IBM Consulting Global Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO): 6-Wk Assessment

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OpenShift Everywhere on Azure Red Hat OpenShift: Leverage IBM cloud expertise with Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) to simplify and accelerate your application modernization and speedy cloud adoption

Azure Red Hat OpenShift : 6-Wk Assessment & Proof of Concept

** IBM’s Azure team of service experts will co-create and partner with you on a six- to eight-week immersive engagement. **

Potential scenarios include (but are not limited to)

  • Re-platform and re-factor existing application for ARO
  • Rearchitect applications to microservices built for ARO
  • DevSecOps enablement leveraging IBM DevOps commander, and application portability for hybrid/multi- cloud deployments.

You’ll see the value of running applications on ARO and the benefits of Red Hat OpenShift as the container platform for hybrid/multi cloud. You’ll also prove the value of IBM Services assets to accelerate and standardize cloud application modernization and demonstrate application portability--with burst capacity and seamless networking and storage on Azure.

** This exercise and the design strategy will include **

  • A light application assessment
  • Working POC
  • Cloud value model, and
  • Next steps to execute the end-state vision