IBM Consulting Global Green IT and Sustainability on Azure

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IBM Consulting's services of Green IT and Sustainability on Azure. Briefing session to connect with you and highlight IBM offerings. Further discussions may follow.

Briefing of IBM Consulting Global Green IT and Sustainability on Azure

IBM Consulting is a Trusted Partner for global Azure clients. Across the industries, IBM Consulting differentiates its solutions with our offerings, strong alliance with Microsoft, innovative engagement services (Sustainability Risk Assessment of cloud workload) and leveraging world best Azure competencies globally.

What we offer

Our Green IT & Sustainability on Azure Offerings provide an assessment framework for following cloud workloads:

  • Already migrated to Azure
  • Those planned for migration and modernization.

We have developed an end-to-end “Assessment Framework” to provide our clients with Sustainability Maturity and Risk Identification. Subsequently, we can support in the implementation of transformation initiatives to address the risks. Sustainability Risk Assessment will be carried out in Platform, Application, Data, Operations and People & Culture areas.

IBM Consulting differentiators are:

  • Strong alliance with Microsoft & Red Hat
  • Pre-built solution offerings embedding Sustainability Design Principles
  • Tools & Accelerators
  • IBM Garage Methodology

The objective of this briefing session is to connect with you, understand your needs and highlight IBM Consulting's Green IT and Sustainability on Azure offering. Further discussions may follow to define what success is for your business, evaluate sustainability goals and capability, capture requirements, and develop sustainable cloud transformation journeys.

Please refer to attached documents for more details. Kindly contact us for further discussion and move forward!