Maximo ManagePlus

IBM Consulting - HCS

Maximo ManagePlus is a managed service offering customers can select to provision and operate their Maximo Application Suite.

Benefits to your enterprise:


· Customize the MAS application per the needs of your enterprise.

· Execute a MAS upgrade schedule that aligns with the needs of your enterprise.


· Eliminate the need to hire, train, and retain MAS application and management expertise. Why incur the cost and risk developing in-house MAS expertise when you can access expertise that has evolved supporting dozens of MAS clients?

· Eliminate the need to hire, train, and retain underlying public cloud infrastructure expertise. Why incur the cost and risk developing in-house cloud management expertise when you can leverage the expertise of a proven cloud infrastructure managed services team that has evolved supporting hundreds of clients operating hundreds of hybrid cloud workloads?

· Eliminate the need to deploy the tooling and evolve the SOPs required to exceed your enterprise MAS availability SLO.


· Your enterprise MAS users have 24x7 access to MAS application experts.

· Faster resolution to L2/L3 service requests.

· Increase your enterprise application support without expanding your application support team.

· Your enterprise MAS application runs on underlying public cloud infrastructure that is continuously monitored and patched. Your hybrid cloud operations team can focus on other hybrid cloud workloads.

· Increase your cloud workload without expanding your cloud operations team.

· Reduce tedious workload.


· People, process, tools with a proven track record to exceed MAS application and infrastructure availability SLO. Can your enterprise afford unplanned asset management system downtime?

· SLOs

· SLAs


· Subscribing to Maximo ManagePlus improves application and infrastructure patching cadence and automates endpoint security configuration.


· Subscribing to Maximo ManagePlus yields savings that the Client can invest in new projects that target reducing bottom-line expenses or create/evolve brand differentiating, revenue generating products and services.