Tenertech Azure Migration PoC 1 Week

Tener Technologies, LLC

Let Tener Technologies take the worry out of your migration to Azure with our comprehensive Proof of Concept service.

Migrating to Microsoft Azure offers tremendous value over an on-premise data center. By moving to Azure, you can reduce capital expenditures, energy use, licensing costs, and operating expenses. Tener Technologies has been offering cloud services for over twenty years. Originally founded as a web hosting company, we understand the importance of uptime, security, and reliability. Moving organizations to the cloud is one of our specialties.
A cloud migration Proof of Concept (PoC) is an important setup in your cloud journey. Our PoC provides a test bed where we can migrate your workloads and applications to a cloud environment where testing for coding issues, compatibility and more is possible. This allows you as well to gain experience, test ideas, and deepen your understanding of cloud computing. The migration and transformation of mission-critical servers, apps and workloads is complicated, but we will make sure the migration is successful. Once the PoC is completed, you will have the peace of mind to continue your cloud migration, either on your own or in partnership with our technicians.

Contact us and you will learn more about how we can help you. This PoC will include: • Data collection • Infrastructure analysis • Azure subscription setup • Infrastructure design and setup • Azure Migration of an application, virtual machine, or database