Monitoring Service

Tenthline Inc.

Tenthline's Cloud Monitoring solutions provide proactive monitoring, reporting, and support for your applications and hybrid cloud infrastructure to avoid downtime and security issues.

Many organizations struggle to gather all their monitoring, intelligence gathering, and data needs under one cloud. This is because they must find a way to gather data from security, performance, and access logs on-site and in hybrid cloud environments. This often proves difficult because they must also maintain multiple services.

Tenthline's solution is built on Microsoft Azure Monitor in conjunction with Azure Log Analytics and Azure Sentinel.

We monitor real-time performance data and collect application performance data and monitor the network performance.

Tenthline's advanced monitoring platform allows for it to be fully customized, adding value to the managed services and providing productivity for businesses while providing a healthy hybrid cloud environment, making everyone safe and secure, and increasing performance. Additionally, Tenthline increases availability and performance by creating a friendly, safe and reliable cloud network.

With our solution you can:

  • Collect, correlate and search your system and application data;
  • Gain insight and intelligence across on-premise and cloud infrastructure;
  • Customize alerts and remediate possible failures through rules and automation;
  • Create custom dashboards for all stakeholders of infrastructure, workloads, applications, and security posture;
  • Across-the-board improvement of capacity requirements and the budget roadmap ahead of time;
  • Dramatic reduction in potential downtimes.