Azure ML Service Packages: 10-13 Weeks Implementation


Azure ML Analytics Services to support implementation of the following: • Analytical Model / ML development • Model Operationalization • Azure ML Enablement Workshop

Thakral One is offering Analytics services using Azure ML to support business requirements to understand and address customer needs, target the right audience and develop effective business strategies. The Analytics Services also include add-on model operationalization and Azure ML user enablement workshop. Below are the service options:

• Segmentation Model Package: Low Model Complexity (11 weeks) Objective: By identifying customers’ similarities and who are similar to each other, marketers can address customers in the most effective and appropriate way, thus maximizing their value to the business Deliverable: 1 Segmentation Model

• Market Basket Analysis Package: Low Model Complexity (10 weeks) Objective: Increase sales by mainly understanding customer needs through analysis of transactional data to observe purchase pattern and infer affinities or associations of different products that are bought together Deliverable: 1 Market Basket Analysis

• Propensity Model Package: Low Model Complexity (13 weeks) Objective: Helps design a cost-effective marketing strategy to only focus on customers who are most likely to avail/engage thereby maximizing revenue while minimizing risk of wasting marketing efforts Deliverable: 1 Propensity Model

• Forecasting Model Package: Mid-High Model Complexity (10 weeks) Objective: With a knowledge of the future, businesses have the position to be more proactive vs reactive with their strategies. Deliverable: 1 Forecasting Model for 10 SKUs