Envisioning AI for IoT data: 2-day Workshop


This offer is for an AI envisioning workshop conducted at the Client site for discovering use cases that are of immense business value solvable using Azure and TheDataTeam's Intellegion platform.

This offer is to consult with the client to identify and finalize use cases to implement using Azure and Intellegion.

Intellegion is an AI-on-IoT platform from TheDataTeam that provides a range of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive data analysis capabilities. It is implemented using Azure IoT and Azure Data Services technology stack.


Day 1

  • Broad overview of AI and ML as applied in the industry, and at the competition.
  • AI opportunities on IoT data
  • Capabilities of Intellegion and Azure

Day 2

  • Cross-functional process studies and process walks
  • Collaborative discussion on specific opportunities and pre-requisites
  • Prioritized list of problem statements that are specifically applicable in the client's business
  • Well-scoped SoWs for implementation of PoCs or pilots for top 2 problem statements


At the end of the workshop, the client will have identified top 2 prioritized use cases that can be immediately executed for business benefit using Intellegion and Azure.