Data Science & Machine Learning: 1 Day Workshop

The Data Analysis Bureau

1-day data discovery workshop to accelerate your data science & machine learning projects.

Want to understand what data science or machine learning projects can add value to your business? Or how to overcome your project challenges?

T-DAB will guide you on your data & analytics journey; bringing industry insight to your business, and sharing ideas and challenges.

To deliver an effective workshop, T-DAB will investigate your current objectives, data suitability and architecture, amongst other key points listed in the 'Key points to consider'.

We will work to tailor the workshop to your requirements, and prepare possible next steps and use cases for you to explore during the workshop.

During the workshop, we will guide you through our 'Business Problem to Data Value' process with interactive exercises and business scenarios, and explore the art of the possible to ensure you target real value to your business.

T-DAB will also review your current architecture and provide recommendations of what services you can utilise to effectively and quickly return value for your project. If you are not currently using Azure services, this will include an Azure architecture roadmap for your future concepts.

To conclude the workshop, we will devise an action plan to include recommendations and an initial data roadmap to help you take your next steps with iterative sprints to build and pilot your initial data concepts in Azure.

The workshop consists of 5 components:

  • Planning & Research: Review of data, architecture, business process and objectives

  • Preparation: Readiness survey, discovery Q&A, use case development, session build

  • Workshop: Delivery of on-site workshop

  • Summary: Write-up and recommendations

  • Roadmap & Action plan: Problem-solution map, workshop action plan, proposal outlines and solution priorities

The workshop cost can vary depending if demonstrations are required to be prepared for the workshop or if you require the workshop to be extended over 2 days.