Data & AI in Manufacturing Briefing

The Data Analysis Bureau

Explore how data driven manufacturing with machine learning & AI delivers a competitive edge

Machine Learning (ML) and AI is the leading growth strategy for manufacturers in 2021.

It can increase operational resilience & industrial sustainability as a core pillar and data underpins several themes across Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory initiatives.

Manufacturers can improve efficiency, reliability, quality and sustainability standards as well as the robustness of supply chains. By investing in machine learning, manufacturers can harness the insights needed to take action and remain globally competitive.

Start your journey today with an introductory briefing and: - Explore the opportunity for your organisation and pin point your project focus - Understand how and where to utilise techniques such predictive maintenance, reinforcement learning & digital twins, anomaly detection and optimisation, - Uncover how to leverage Microsoft Azure in your developments, - Outline a high level roadmap and possible next steps - Agree an action plan to deliver AI at scale

As an output of a briefing, T-DAB will also help you understand where to start with a strategy assessment, develop a proof of concept or explore whether you need support to scale your solution.

This will also consider the Azure services available to you needed to achieve your goal and highlight services that would provide further benefit.