Mindshift: 2-Hour Workshop

the immedia ecosystem

Do you need your team to share your vision of a cloud future? Let us help get your organisation behind your drive to optimise your operations, empower your employees, and delight your customers.

As a key decision-maker in a growing business, the broad and often overwhelming requirements of preparing your organisation for success in a technologically-empowered marketplace can be tough to navigate.

Creating the environment for change means creating understanding for the challenges and opportunities within your colleague's minds. To start creating digital change amongst your own team, buy-in and support are required for their active participation.

You may need to:

  • motivate for a digital transformation strategy/need to your executives,
  • create context for a change motion amongst your staff,
  • or start exposing your own I.T. or technical teams to cloud skills.

Your key decision-makers need to be informed of the business risks of managing ageing infrastructure, and the opportunities of modernising your systems - both immediate and long-term.

Book an introductory keynote to digital transformation and workflows through an exploration into the evolution of digital technologies. Learn how to empower your clients & partners to prepare for the technological change that is coming to their environments.

Out of this session, your team will gain relevant insights and develop a practical roadmap on how to get started on your Digital Transformation journey, empowered by the Microsoft Azure ecosystem of services and tools.

Come and explore the future possibilities of your business with our founder, Head of Product and Lead Strategist, Anice Hassim (@anicehassim).

With more than two decades working with media entities to build and monetise their digital technologies, immedia can support your transition into a team that keeps delighting increasingly modern consumers - whilst being mindful of your bottom line. Our team of Azure Cloud Architects & Developers and Microsoft certified Office 365 experts are geared to navigate your organisation through roadmapping, strategy, implementation, training, adoption & iteration.

*Based on your organisation's specific needs