Data Analytics with Azure Synapse: 1-Hr Briefing

The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH

Together, we find out how a modern Data Analytics solution with Azure Synapse and PowerBI can accelerate your business intelligence and reporting solutions.

Benefit from combining data lake analytics and data warehousing and become a data driven company. With the help of Azure Synapse Analytics you will get a modern and scalable solution for your business intelligence that will also enable you to implement data science use cases. Reduce operational costs and profit from a flexible platform that reveals completely new perspectives on your data.

With our team of data experts and engineers and we will create a powerful data analytics platform on Azure Synapse that accelerates your business intelligence solutions. Together with the smoothly integrated PowerBI it can bring your reporting on another level.

Target group

  • Executives
  • Business Analysts
  • IT decision makers
  • Business decision makers

Benefits and outcome
In this one-hour briefing we will give you a first impression of:

  • our best practices to design, implement and maintain a data analytics platform with Synapse
  • how to migrate your existing use cases and reports to Azure
  • how to connect and leverage PowerBI as reporting solution
  • how to build and automate data pipelines in the Synapse Studio
  • how to benefit from SQL and Apache Spark at the same time
  • how we apply a DevOps approach to fully automate the platform

Contact us for a first free briefing session in order to discuss how your company can benefit from Azure Synapse Analytics. Let’s find out together your needs to create a perfect fitting tailored solution. The final cost for a Data Analytics platform will vary depending on the defined scope and your requirements.