Data Lake on Azure: 2-Hrs Briefing

The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH

Let's find out together how we can transform your company into a data driven one. We demonstrate how we design, implement and maintain a data platform solution tailored to your custom needs.

Most companies do not know about the value of their data and do not have the right tools to make them accessible and convert data into new revenue streams. Let us help you to uncover the full potential of our data and build the fundament of becoming a data driven company.

With our team of data experts and engineers and the flexibility of the Azure Cloud we will create a powerful data platform that enables you to generate more value out of your data, create new use cases and make data driven decisions.

Target group

  • Executives
  • Business Analysts
  • IT decision makers
  • Business decision makers

Benefits and outcome
In this two-hour briefing we will give you a first impression of:

  • our best practices to design, implement and maintain a data lake
  • how to leverage the Microsoft Azure Cloud to build a performant and scalable platform
  • how such a platform can optimize existing workflows and reduce costs at the same time
  • how such a platform enables customers to build new use cases, e.g.
    • real time monitoring / reporting / decision making
    • predictive maintenance
    • machine learning applications
  • how we apply a DevOps approach to fully automate the platform

Contact us for a first free briefing session in order to discuss how your company can benefit from a Data Lake on Azure. Let’s find out together your needs to create a perfect fitting tailored solution. The final cost for a Data Lake Service will vary depending on the defined scope and your requirements.