SAS Platform Migration: 6-Months Implementation

Tier One Analytics, Inc.

A complete migration of your existing SAS Platform from on-premises environment to Azure cloud.

Enterprises around the world are moving rapidly to modernize aging on-premise SAS environments, embracing modern cloud analytical platforms with cutting-edge ML and AI toolsets both from SAS and Microsoft Azure.

However, as SAS is usually deeply intertwined with diverse, sometimes critical, aspects of operations such as Risks, migrations prove to be challenging and take years.

Recent tech innovations from Azure and SAS, as well accumulated experience at T1A gave rise to an accelerator that significantly speeds up the process and reduces many of the risks associated with such projects.

T1A is offering a comprehensive proven approach of migrating complicated SAS Platform into Microsoft Azure cloud environment, that can include migration of SAS Base (different types of sas scripts and sources), SAS ETL jobs and business applications based on SAS (SAS AML, SAS ID, SAS RTDM, SAS MA, etc..).