Azure DevOps Accelerator: 3-Day Workshop


TierPoint's DevOps Accelerator Workshop enables organizations to embrace the Agile approach to project management and follow the DevOps principles for project delivery, utilizing Azure DevOps tools.

Our Azure DevOps Accelerator Workshop helps cloud and development teams in bringing modern DevOps practices to cloud offerings by leveraging the GitHub Enterprise, Azure DevOps, and the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. Our experts, who have extensive experience in setting up DevOps practices utilizing a variety of tools, will share their knowledge and guide your team through a three-day accelerated workshop tailored to your DevOps needs, focusing on key areas you want to address, and depending on your requirements, enhance and develop both business and technical audiences.

TierPoint’s Azure DevOps (ADO) Accelerator Workshop is a program based on our years of experience delivering complex solutions in Azure. We assist infrastructure and application development teams in understanding and implementing ADO to create automated release management pipelines.

TierPoint’s Azure DevOps Accelerator Workshop 3-Day Agenda

Day 1:
  1. Azure DevOps Overview
  2. A brief overview of ADO (Azure DevOps) will be discussed and demonstrated, along with some background on the technology.

  3. Azure DevOps Services
  4. In this module, we will introduce the core services offered by Azure DevOps, such as Azure Repos, Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines, Azure Tests, and Azure Artifacts. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of how this tool is used as part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

  5. Getting Started with Azure DevOps

During this module, your team will be given the opportunity to get hands-on experience using the Azure DevOps UI and putting each service to use for the first time.

Day 2:
  1. Review Current processes for SDLC

    In this module, TierPoint will conduct a series of interviews and surveys to understand your organization’s current software development lifecycle (SDLC).

  2. Implementing & Managing Builds
  3. As part of this module, your team will get a chance to explore the advanced topics in Azure DevOps, such as building agents/agent pools, jobs, connectors, permissions, hooks, and triggers, to begin building end-to-end solutions.

  4. End-to-End Solution

During this module your team will receive hands-on experience with DevOps through labs that will assist in the understanding of how to achieve complete traceability, from work items to code changes, commits to builds, and release.

Day 3:

  1. DevOps Roadmap
  2. TierPoint will assist your team in identifying high-value opportunities for improvement as well as define an implementation roadmap.

  3. Review & Next Steps

You will receive an Executive Summary of findings and provided next steps.