CDMC: 8-Week Readiness Assessment


We can help you assess your current state of cloud data management capabilities, identify gaps and needed improvements by utilizing an existing industry standard framework CDMC by EDM Council.

Microsoft Azure contains growing volumes of your enterprise data, and this data needs to be managed. The Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework (CDMC) defines the capabilities needed for effectively managing data in the cloud and accelerating adoption of cloud and hybrid cloud ecosystem.

We offer CDMC readiness assessment, which measures the readiness of an organization to migrate to and operate in cloud environments. The assessment produces results that translate the practice of cloud data management into a quantifiable science.

Effective use of the CDMC Framework as an assessment tool requires the definition of the assessment objectives and strategy, planning for the management of the assessment and adequate training of the participants to establish a base understanding of the framework. You can either perform a self-assessment or use our experts to conduct your first readiness assessments.

This assessment is based on the EDM Council membership material. The final price includes EDM Council fee, which is determined based on your organization’s size and membership status.


  • Baseline measurement of the cloud data management capabilities in the organization compared to an industry standard.
  • Quantifiable measurement of the organization’s progress in establishing the required cloud data management capabilities into its operations.
  • Identification of cloud data management capability gaps to inform a prioritized roadmap for future development and improvement.
  • Focused attention to the funding requirements of the cloud data management initiative.

The assessment consists of three phases (full description in the picture slides):
Phase 1 - Planning and preparation
Phase 2 - Kick-off, interview and consensus workshop
Phase 3 - Recommendation and completion