DCAM Accreditation Training: 2-Day Workshop


DCAM training provides an overview of the framework for improving data management capabilities.

Microsoft Azure contains growing volumes of data and this data needs to be managed. DCAM framework defines the fundamental capabilities to manage the data in the cloud and on premise.

DCAM® – the Data Management Capability Assessment Model – is the industry standard framework for data and analytics management. It is developed by EDM Council members with long experience in data management.

We offer EDM Council’s DCAM Accreditation Training to improve internal data management and analytics competence, and understand the data management needs at all organisation levels. DCAM Accreditation Training also prepares the participants to get certified in the industry standard framework.

Training participants are exposed to the rationale behind the DCAM capabilities, including how to apply the DCAM scoring methodology to consistently evaluate & improve data and analytics management capabilities. The curriculum is organized now covering 8 core components covering over 120+ essential data management and analytics best practice capabilities.

This training is based on the EDM Council membership material. The final price depends on your organization’s membership status.


  • The resources you decide to train get competencies and recognition by one of the two globally recognized data management associations
  • By exposing yourself to the DCAM framework, you can fully engage in the DCAM assessment
  • You can re-run the assessment on your own if you become a member of the EDM Council

Day 1: Introductions; Data Management Industry and DCAM Overview; DCAM v2 Framework components 1 - 4.
Day 2: DCAM v2 Framework components 5 - 8; Conducting an Assessment; Global Benchmark Review; Course Summary & Accreditation; Tips and advice to pass the certification exam.