DCAM: 1/2-Day Benchmarking Workshop


Do you know how good your organization is with data and analytics? Get a quick overall understanding on how you compare with best practices and global organizations in data management and analytics.

As companies move to the cloud using Microsoft Azure, developing data management capabilities has become increasingly important. Developing your data management capabilities will ensure success in your cloud initiatives and enable growth.

Our DCAM-based benchmarking workshop gives you an overall understanding of your weaknesses and strengths, and how your organization compares with best practices and other organizations. The benchmark survey consists of 24 benchmark questions covering 7 DCAM components. Questions are handled during a half-day workshop with Tietoevry’s specialist DCAM assessors. You may then decide to run a DCAM assessment as a separate project, e.g. for a more detailed roadmap work.

What is DCAM: An existing industry standard framework Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM®) by EDM Council, which can help you assess your data capabilities and identify potential weaknesses and needed improvements.

This offer is based on the public Benchmark Survey material of EDM Council, it’s not an assessment and no fees will be paid to the EDM Council.


  • Get a high-level understanding of your organization's data management status and needed improvements
  • Understand the need for consensus building and stakeholders to be involved
  • Confirm if a full assessment is needed
  • Agree which areas should have special focus in the future assessments
  • Based on the initial questionnaire, understand how your organization compares against the industry benchmark

The one half-day workshop has the following structure:

  • Introductions
  • Customer situation – focus areas, known challenges, successes
  • Benchmark instructions
  • Questions
  • Result comparison by question and component
  • Immediate reflections about weaknesses and possible next steps