Microsoft Sentinel Managed Service Implementation


Safeguard your organisation with a managed threat monitoring and incident response service

Remove the heavy lifting and high costs of threat detection and response. Focus on the security incidents that matter.

A shortage of skilled staff and limited resources are ever-present challenges. Don’t compound your problems with expensive and complex systems that drown your team in data, but provide little actionable intelligence.

Kocho’s Threat Monitoring and Incident Response Service is built around Microsoft Azure Sentinel and helps organisations to:

  • Lower risk: through continuous threat monitoring and hunting, with a clear view of security data.
  • Respond rapidly: Through automated incident alerts and meaningful insights. Only focus on valid threats.
  • Save money: By removing expensive internal infrastructure, training and recruitment costs.
  • Remain compliant: Avoid a hefty fine and reputational damage. Maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Typically, implementation of the service takes 4 weeks but depending on the complexity of the organisation's environment and the Sentinel set-up, this can take up to 8 weeks.

N.B. This is a managed service with 3 levels of service to choose from. Each tier service offering adds different value and is priced accordingly.