Emerging Trends/Opportunities Identification: 16 weeks Implementation

Tiger Analytics

Identify the next billion-dollar opportunity using our unique Emerging Trends Identification Solution

TA’s Emerging Trends Solution helps organizations identify emerging trends in the category of interest, quantify business opportunity size which can be attributed to the trends & identify key growth drivers to realize the opportunity. This is done by triangulating consumer insights gained from social media, product reviews, search and research data with sales and marketing data.

Key to our approach is our unique pattern matching algorithm for identifying and quantifying the value of emerging trends, this approach compares multiple time-series patterns across time frames. Key use cases enabled by the solution are New product Introduction & Mergers and Acquisitions based on the insights provided as an output.

The solution is completely cloud native and works seamlessly with Azure PaaS components. Listed below are the key steps in the workflow

  1. Data is ingested from various sources like Point of sales systems, Search engines, Social media providers and other 3rd party data sources (Netbases, Semrush, sprinklr etc). Data is partitioned and placed in ADLS Gen 2. Azure Data Factory is used for data ingestion
  2. Data is transformed using ADF/Databricks and persisted in ADLS Gen 2
  3. ML models are built and trained in custom Python + Azure Machine Learning using custom algorithms available as part of Tiger Emerging Trends solution. In the first step NLP models are used to identify trends of interest followed by pattern matching models to forecast the market potential of the trends.
  4. Azure Databricks is used for computation
  5. The ML Pipelines leverage Azure Functions for serverless compute and Azure Load Balancer for distributing traffic.
  6. Access Control and authentication for data and the ML workspace leverages Azure Active Directory and Azure Key Vault.
  7. Model performance is evaluated using log metrics and monitored using Azure monitor
  8. Dashboards are provided for consumption using Power BI
  9. Models are retrained as necessary in Azure Machine Learning

The solution comes with a business-friendly front end with a plethora of pre-built reports & dashboards to consume the findings: a) Dashboard showing key trends of interest with various KPIs to understand the relevance to the organization. b) Visualizations for “Most Likely Journey” of trends across different channels (social, product launch, search etc) c) Opportunity Analysis Dashboards: Trend life cycle chart over 5 year horizon d) Demand driver analysis charts