Build Your Future-Proof Data Landscape on Microsoft Fabric accelerated by Tiger Analytics Frameworks

Tiger Analytics

Our Microsoft Fabric MVP solution offering, further simplifies the adoption and build of a modern data and analytics platform for your organization.

The world around us is filled with data through the devices we use, the applications we access and the interactions we have. In this new era of Generative AI, harnessing this data for analytics can give competitive advantage and gain to any organization. Microsoft, through its new SaaS platform “Fabric” has endeavored to give you this competitive edge by providing an end-to-end analytics platform which unifies and brings together data, analytics and BI along with the power of GenAI.

Tiger's offering is a one-stop shop bringing together Business Intelligence, GenAI & Analytics to life with reusable frameworks all implemented for Microsoft Fabric in order to establish a future-proof modern data landscape. It is developed by following various “Fabric” best practices to achieve a robust, auto-scalable, extensible, ready-to-deploy, cost efficient, secured foundational Data Lakehouse & Analytics Platform without having to manage any infrastructure!

Tiger Analytics solution built on Microsoft Fabric serves as a foundation for implementing high-impact use cases

Across Business Functions -

  1. FINANCE: Credit risk management, risk mitigation, forecasting, transaction management, vendor pricing, payment, purchase order, invoicing, dynamic reporting and regulatory compliance.
  2. MARKETING: Understanding customer behavior, preemptive campaigns across channels, personalization, inventory management, customer satisfaction indexing, effective advertising, sales improvement and market need identification.
  3. HUMAN RESOURCE: employee data management, talent gaps identification, retention, policy implementation, proactive feedback and mentorship program, workforce trend analysis.

Across Industries -

  1. BANKING: Fraud detection, credit risk management, liquidity analysis.
  2. RETAIL: Customer churn, inefficient inventory management, suboptimal marketing campaigns.
  3. MANUFACTURING: Equipment downtime, production bottlenecks, quality control issues.

THE OFFERING: Microsoft Fabric Architecture set-up for data ingestion and processing, to demonstrate its data and analytics end to end capabilities that includes:

  • Centralized Data Hub
  • Customized Analytics
  • Power BI Integration
  • Governance and Compliance


  • 1 High Level Solution Architecture
  • 1 Microsoft Fabric Demo PoC Environment
  • 1 Data Source Type (ADLS File) with 10 datasets
  • Data Frameworks (Data Ingestion Medallion Architecture, Data Pipelines with Audit, Error Logs, Notification Features & Unit Testing, Data Quality and Data Activator)
  • Other Features (Shortcut usage, Dataflow G2, Notebooks, Warehouse T-SQL)
  • User Documentation
  • 2 Key Reports with 8-10 KPIs based on the scope architecture


  1. Microsoft Fabric Architecture
  2. Demo Platform showcasing end to end capabilities of Microsoft Fabric
  3. Power BI Dashboard to view reports and analytical insight for industry specific use cases

TIMELINE: 6 weeks Proof of Concept, subjected to change based on the scope.

TECHNOLOGIES: Fabric Data Factory, Fabric Databricks, Fabric SQL Server, Fabric Data Lake Storage Gen2, Elastic Search, Fabric Key Vault, Fabric DevOps.