Catalyst Workshop: 1-10-Days UX consulting

Tigerspike Sydney

Start, simplify or refresh a business case or initiative for digital transformation. Move quickly to a tangible, ready-to-go state, and leverage Azure cloud services to help your business transform.

A successful initiative requires a human-centric approach to uncover, solve and organise around people’s needs. Thus your first steps are critical. Catalyst Ignition is our collaborative way to accelerate innovation and solve with certainty. A dedicated team of experts help you rally the people, unpack the situation, align and validate risky assumptions to provide a clearer view forward. It’s fast and runs in two stages.

A 1-day Session takes a structured workshop format and is followed by a 10-day Sprint to provide a more validated direction, often through prototyped concepts.

Beforehand, we’ll work with you to define a focus area: it might take a broad lens – or a narrow one – e.g. “we have a specific challenge around invoicing and its associated costs”. Our team will carry out some preliminary research to ensure we hit the ground running.

The session itself ranges between 3-5 hours. We’ll align focus, understand the as-is situation, defining success (e.g. “reducing effort / cost by 25%”) and who we’re solving for, discussing to-be ideas in a structured way. This may involve looking at feasible technology solutions, including Azure cloud services, in order to solve the problem and achieve business outcomes. We’ll harness the groups’ assumptions to plan next steps with precision.

Extending into a 10-day Sprint, our team of specialists across engineering, design and strategy will quickly and efficiently run specific activities to validate the assumptions identified in the Catalyst Session, build certainty and accelerate change.

An example agenda could be as follows:

Week 1 - Current State Interviewing, Define Success Factors, Stakeholder workshops, Data/analytics review, code reviews, infrastructure

Week 2 - Future State / Approach / Recommendation Ideation, proof of concepts and rapid prototyping, Prioritisation, Report Writing

Key outputs include; concept story, solution architecture, proof of concept / prototypes, findings report, audits and reviews.