Product Review: 2-Week UX_UI_Technical Assessment

Tigerspike Sydney

A Product Review helps businesses identify issues with their technical platform, their product’s codebase, its design and usability.

Working either on-premise or remotely, our team of technical specialists, UX and UI designers will carry out both a technical deep dive and a heuristic review of your product. We’ll give you clear technical and user experience design recommendations that your team or Tigerspike can action to improve usability and performance, address security issues and ensure systems are running as cost-efficiently as possible. In addition, based on your specifc business objectives and/or product strategy, we'll recommend higher order Azure services such as automation, AI/ML, and IoT to differentiate your products and services in the market.

Our team of experts will then be available immediately to carry out the remediation steps that you require, either working alongside your own team or as a standalone engagement.

Our emphasis will be on a fast, tactical resolution for you. We know that you’re busy: our teams will ensure that we involve you at all key points in the project but that we remain non-intrusive and don’t disrupt your normal activities.

Activities include UX & UI heuristic review, Code & architecture Review, Test script & process review, Azure Well Architected Review, Report creation & write-up