Fiber-to-the-Home Industry Overview Briefing


Tilson will provide an overview of the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) industry.

The overview will cover the following dimensions of the industry:

  • Network owners. We will identify the scenarios under which FTTH networks are owned by their operators, and the major alternatives, and some of the implications of the different scenarios.

  • Dark and lit networks. We will explore the difference between dark and lit fiber networks, and how the approach adopted changes the opportunities presented and the participation by different industry players.

  • Consumer and Enterprise. These are distinct FTTH markets, with different industry participants. We will identify key differences in the identity, orientation, and approach of these industry segments.

  • Incumbents vs. new entrants. Some of the largest FTTH deployments are driv¬en by incumbents. We will describe what is different for new entrants.

  • Internet service providers (ISPs). We will describe the types of ISPs who are active in the FTTH market, and the subset who are potentially good candidates for a specific market, based on company orientation and geography.

In addition, we will catalog macro trends in the FTTH industry, the rate of growth, and where that growth is coming from.