Logicalis AppDiscover: 8-week assessment

PTLS Serviços de Tecn. e Assessoria Técnica Ltda.

Get a complete analysis of your infrastructure, with the help of specialized tools, to understand the current scenario and future cloud-based possibilities

As time goes by and technology and business evolve as one, IT environments end up undergoing modifications that hinder the real and updated view of its architecture and technological structure.

In these situations, to take full advantage of the use of new technologies, there are always spaces for improvements in the environment that bring greater agility, safety, efficiency and even savings in the operation as a whole.

However, everything starts with a complete analysis of the environment. With Logicalis' AppDiscover it is possible to have a complete map of your IT environment in addition to a series of recommendations aimed at quick and objective gains.

As these services evolve, Logicalis can deepen the analysis by making a strategic and operational planning of migration plans and evolution of IT environments to the Microsoft Azure cloud, based on your company's business strategies, helping to achieve the desired results.

This service consist of the following steps:

  • Understanding of customers' main concerns for the strategy development;
  • Initial meetings with the customers' technical team;
  • Implementation of eventually required tools;
  • Follow-up of tool analysis;
  • Detailed analysis of tool results;
  • Presentation of all the findings and suggestions;
  • Migrations and adjustments.

AppDiscover has brought many insights for different Logicalis customers, showing that there is always something to optimize in your infrastructure. It is possible to assess the current situation, propose improvements in the actual environment and future post-migration optimizations.

The service time and price depend on the scope needed to achieve the customers’ needs. It might take up to 8 weeks for a more precise assessment depending on the complexity of the environment.