Modern Data Warehouse: 10-week Implementation

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With Logicalis Data Intelligence services, our clients can achieve greatest benefits of the data

Logicalis, seeking to delivery a robust and scalable future proofing solution, brings as a strategic partner the Azure cloud platform, which has a complete suite of Modern Data Warehouse and Analytics solution, in addition, Logicalis has highly trained professionals driving our customers on their digital transformation journey.

The Modern Data Warehouse combines all types of data, structured, unstructured and semi-structured data (sensor logs, IoT, and media streaming). Using Azure platform services, data is stored in Data Lake or Blob Storage, data can be cleansed, transformed and perform scalable analytics.

With Logicalis Data Intelligence services, our clients can achieve greatest benefits of the data:

  • Centralized all the data that is necessary to analyze and build a true view of how is your business going on;
  • A process to establish and share the knowledge about the data and metrics through the business areas in a governance perspective;
  • To have a unique version of the true about the data, KPIs and metrics that is crucial for your business;
  • Tools that could help them to self–service generate their analysis and dashboards without involving IT area.

Logicalis can help with a broad service offer, since a greenfield setup of Data Warehouse fully in cloud or in a migration process since the assessment and definition of the migration plan till the implementation, optimization and managed service.

Logicalis delivery Modern Data Warehouse services according to the scenario and needs of each client.

The service time and price depend on the scope needed to achieve the customers’ needs. Presented as reference 4 months of a service project including in the scope the initial project plan and requirements definition, data warehouse environment setup, data ingestion components, data structure and batch data flow development (till 80 ingestion objects) and data visualization with business KPI dashboards.