Disaster Recovery as a Service - 10 Days Implementation


TM Systems DR as Service will help you achieve desired business critical application's availability & have a Business continuity plan that regularly tests & works when needed using Azure Site Recovery

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

• Meet Stringent SLA
• RPO Near Zero to Mins/ RTO Few Mins to Hours
• Customer Dashboard to Monitor Replication
• Guaranteed Recovery No Special Skills Required.
• Encryption Supported & 100 % Software Driven Solution.
• Use Azure as secondary datacentre for your recovery site
• Easy Failback Capabilities

3 basic steps to business continuity planning

Step 1: Risk & Business Impact Assessment – Defining the probability of a risk occurring (2 Days)

• Impact Analysis for Application
• Verify and check prerequisites and dependencies
• Requirements for Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
• Infrastructure Assessment / Application Assessment

Step 2: Plan Development/Implementation (5 Days)

• Architecture Design
• DR Cost Estimate Creation and Approval (Protection Cost/Running Cost)
• Define Procedures and Processes
• Implementation and configuration of Disaster Recovery environment using Azure Site Recovery
• Network Configuration to access resources at DR Site
• Replication of data and completion of protection

Step 3: Plan Testing & Maintenance (3 Days)

• No impact test failover to cloud
• Validation of DR processes and procedures
• Validation of RTO & RPO
• Full DR Drill (failover & failback) of Production environment
• Finalize DR procedure documents


• This service and commercials are defined for a single two-tier application consisting of web application & database
• This is a standard offering; the price may change based on the complexity of the application & environment
• Monthly Monitoring & maintenance cost ₹7,500 is extra.