ISV Azure Transformation: 4-Week Assessment


We accompany ISVs in their journey to the cloud end to end: definition of the migration strategy, implementation of solutions and transformation of legacy applications and managed services.

Our high specialization in Application Modernization, our experience, our technological excellence, and our collaborative model in every aspect of the client business (Strategy, Business and Technical); Make us become the perfect partner to accompany ISVs all along their journey to the cloud and help them to benefit from all the opportunities that Azure can offer.

Tokiota offers collaboration in three fundamentals aspects along the cloud transformation journey for ISV:

  1. Modernization Assessment(*): we accompany ISV in a 4–6-week process through the analysis of their legacy applications and on-premise architecture. During this time, a team built from the best architects and business consultants in the market will analyse the business context, the work methodology and the technical aspects of the most value asset for ISV, their applications, with a single objective: define the best migration strategy to Azure addressing their specific business, technological and operative needs.
  2. Application Modernization: Through a trust-based collaboration model, Tokiota provides high quality professional services to help ISV to achieve their cloud transformation goals using DevOps philosophy.
    Our team gathers architecture, development, and project management talent to assure success on any transformation project, independently of the migration strategy chosen by our clients: Re-Architecturization, containerization or rebuild their applications (cloud native solutions).
  3. Advisoring and Managed Services: in the end of this journey to cloud, Tokiota helps ISV to facilitate cloud adoption on their teams, providing: advisoring or directly managing their cloud environments. Always assuring the optimization of their resources in terms of Cost, Security, Operational Excellence, Performance and Reliability.

(*) Price on the tiltle refers to Modernization Assessment only.