Ask the Azure Expert - 3-Day Assessment

Topcoder, Inc.

Ask the Azure Expert is your easy, fast, and free way to receive technical recommendations. The Topcoder community is full of experienced developers and now, you can tap their smarts, for free!

Get a free, customized technical recommendation to help grow your business on top of Azure.

Have a decision to make between certain tools or solutions? Looking for best practices to integrate a specific Azure-based solution? Want a technical recommendation for a particular problem you're facing?

Ask the Azure Expert from Topcoder makes it easy to get fast technical advice and recommendations from multiple developers — at no charge. Topcoder gives you on-demand access to a global network of developers ready to tackle your Azure-related questions and problems.

Topcoder’s crowdsourcing platform delivers a virtually unlimited network of designers, developers, and data scientists ready to start work on your project exactly when you need them. A crowdsourcing expert called a copilot manages every project to ensure your success, and you pay only for outcomes, not hours.

What’s Included Ask the Azure Expert from Topcoder is the fastest and easiest way to get Azure answers and insights. You’ll receive:

  • Multiple documented responses to your Azure question or problem in roughly 48 hours
  • Add an optional Topcoder design, development, or data science project to quickly build on your documented ideas and solutions