Defender for OT: 8-day Assessment

Toreon CVBA

Validate any connected device against attacks to ensure cybersecurity compliance with our Defender for OT Assessment.

With our IoT Security Assessment, organizations can validate virtually any connected device against a broad range of known and unknown attacks to ensure cybersecurity compliance, either if it is in a lab or already in a running environment. This assessment is designed to implement in a running plant without any impact on production.

Our project consists of 4 phases:

Phase 1: The identification phase. Before starting the assessment Toreon recognizes the value of buy-in from the business. Security should be leveraged on all levels. We retrieve the stakeholder and business requirements, review the network architecture, and review the current asset list.

Phase 2: The preparation phase. In the preparation phase the technical and functional requirements are designed for the assessment. These requirements are put in 4 categories: Architecture, Licenses, Permissions and Customer Buy-in.

Phase 3: The rollout and adoption phase. During the rollout and adoption phase, the Defender for OT solution is put in place and the assessment is executed. First, we implement the defender for OT, then we evaluate the results to then create a roadmap for the new OT architecture.

Phase 4: The next steps. After the initial assessment took place, a list with next steps will be created. Not only will they bring more visibility of OT assets within the customer environment, but also help you increase the overall security posture as well. Next steps might include the Integration of the organizations own SOC solution (example Azure Sentinel), A Threat Model for OT and the defining and implementation of a new OT architecture.