Cloud Migration Strategy: 8-Wk Assessment

Trace3, LLC

In this assessment, we’ll develop the technical and business approaches you need for cloud management that drives your operations - today and tomorrow.

Trace3 Cloud Migration Strategy Engagement

Key Points:

• Most businesses rush into the Cloud without a clear strategy, often resulting in costly reverse migrations.

• Enterprise-scale cloud adoption is incomplete without a migration plan.

• The Trace3 Cloud Migration Strategy Engagement establishes the repeatable processes to assess, migrate, optimize, secure and manage your workloads into Microsoft Azure.

Reverse migrations are expensive and leave your business vulnerable.

Your enterprise-scale cloud adoption strategy is incomplete without a migration plan to outline what - and how - you should move workloads to Azure.

Because your cloud adoption plan must account for workloads that aren’t worth significant migration investments, and there are many ways to migrate workloads to Azure, like lift and shift, optimization, or modernization.

The Trace3 Cloud Migration Strategy Engagement ensures cloud adoption success.

We’ll help you avoid migration pitfalls with a plan that works.

Process Overview

• First Workload Migration: We’ll get you set up and familiar with the Azure migration guide, so you understand Azure’s native tools and general migration approach.

• Migration Scenarios: We’ll use everything in our cloud migration toolkit to ideate and act on additional migration scenarios.

• Best Practices: We’ll address common migration scenarios by applying consistent best practices.

• Process Improvements: Migration isn’t a one-and-done activity; it’s a continual process, and as your migration efforts scale, we’ll use process improvements to assess and improve migration aspects.

Who can benefit from the Trace3 Business Strategy Engagement?

• Businesses without Internal IT Resources

• Businesses with Busy IT Teams

• Businesses with Little to No Cloud Experience

Cloud success begins with a plan. We’ll take the guesswork out of your most critical IT investments.