Migration to Azure – 1 day of implementation

Transition Technologies PSC S.A.

Our Azure Migration Services is a solution to quickly and effectively migrate your resources and infrastructure to Azure.

Our Azure Migration Services is a reliable and complex solution dedicated to companies that expect more than a standard level of service from their subcontractors. Our specialists will safely guide you through the entire process, starting from staff training, workshops and analysis, through strategy, to migration itself.

Transition Technologies PSC is a global IT company supporting the world’s biggest enterprises in their digital transformation. We help them in the implementation of cloud services, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0., Augmented Reality, Product Lifecycle Management, Atlassian solutions and Outsourcing.

How do we work? Before we begin the migration process, we will thoroughly analyze your environment. Based on the obtained knowledge, we will propose the best available solution. When creating a migration plan, we will consider both technological and business factors. We know that nowadays not only reliability and security of infrastructure are important, but you also need to consider: • Flexibility - the ability to increase and reduce resources as needed • Agility - adapting to ever-changing circumstances and allowing a quick response • Business value - given the return on investment

Depending on the analysis, we will suggest migrating all or part of the environments to Azure. Regardless of whether it will be architecture only in the public cloud or a hybrid solution, we have extensive experience in implementing such solutions for the largest companies in the world. Our specialists will support you in migrating from: • On-premises solutions based on Linux or Windows Server • Migration from AWS or Google Cloud Platform to Azure • Database migration including Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL

The presented cost includes the work of one architect / DevOps during one business day. If you want to learn more, please contact us.